Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chicken Feet

There are some things that were probably never meant to be eaten. Enough said. So what part of a chicken is really inedible?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ward 8

I visited the government hospital again today with my friend Robin.  We were taking some of the HIV positive babies from her orphanage to get their blood work drawn.  While we were waiting on the doctor to draw the blood, we visited Ward 8, the abandoned children’s ward.  We saw the little 3 year old girl that had been abandoned about a month ago.  She had been terribly sexually abused, and had trauma, as well as sexually transmitted disease, which was manifested in little cauliflower shaped blisters or sores all over her genital area.  When we were there a month ago, she was just lying on the floor, not responding at all.  Today as we entered the room, it was bath time.  All of the children were lined up for their bath which took place in big plastic basin on the floor.  She was being bathed, and the look on her face was one of absolute terror.  Even though, she was not being harmed, the fact that she was naked, and someone’s hands were on her, even though just being washed, she looked horrified.  I watched as they finished and applied lotion to her and Vaseline to her still sore and raw genital area, and dressed her.  She walked over and was still pulling at her clothes as if she was still in pain.  I’ll never be able to forget the look on her face.  I so wanted to see her smile.  I sat on the bench holding one of the babies, and she came up right beside me, with her back facing me, but leaning on me.  I placed my arm very carefully around her, and she just stood there allowing me to hold her for about half an hour.  I could hardly contain myself to think of the horror that this child has been through.  I just held her and prayed that God would somehow heal her little mind, soul and body.  Tears rolled down my face, I tried to stop crying, but I just could hardly contain it.  Finally, I got a little stuffed animal toy and tried to play with her.  As I brought the toy to her face, and played, a big smile came across her face.  That was worth a million bucks to me right then.  I praised God for that smile, even though it quickly faded and the scowl returned.  My friend Robin, is in the process of taking this little one to her orphanage to try and get her the emotional, and spiritual help that she desperately needs, as well as lots and lots of love.  Please help us pray for this precious little one as well as many others like her.  Please pray that God will help us to show His love to these little ones as He would have us to.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, Joelle managed to fall out of the lemon tree yesterday afternoon. We knew she had cut herself, but she refused to let anyone see it. Daran finally forced her to open her hand so we could see it. A one and one-half inch gash that was completely through the skin. Wince. Wailing. Knashing of teeth. Teresa took her to the private clinic where the doctor stitched her up. More wailing until the anesthetic took effect. She came home an hour later bouncing around and proud of her "badge of courage." Now she has something to show off at school for all her freinds to see.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A lot of pain

A lot of pain.  The ‘Cup weekly staff meeting/Bible study opened with a discussion on how we view our earthly fathers.  In English we have father, dad, daddy.  Each progressively intimate.  In Swaziland, there is only one word: babe.  Each Swazi spoke of the distance between themselves and their father and mothers.  One even spoke of a father as an enemy.  Swazi heads nodded in agreement.  (Cultural) Abuse, neglect, bitterness, hatred.  Please pray for the Swazi staff for a break through in forgiveness and a true vision of their heavenly Father.  Then for the Swazi nation and especially for the children we see at the CarePoints that they can see God as a true father, even abba father.


0630-get up from the sofa (retreated there after Teresa was snoring and kicking too bad last night) 0715-out the door to drop Danielle, Nathanael, and Joelle off at Sifundzani 0730-head to ‘Cup office 0740-checking email, deleting spam, check foxnews for the latest happenings 0830-off to Swazi Water Services to pay water bill, then to bank to pick up statement for Gugu at ‘Cup 1000-collected invoice for material delivered to the SOS Village (orphanage) for a CarePoint they are building (I agreed to oversee the construction for AMICAALL, out of my mind when I did it) & met with Sikhombuzo about two projects in the Nygwene area that he was seeking funding for. Sikhombuzo is the secretary of the Women’s Football Association and a police detective (so I have to be REALLLY nice to him :-)). We met while I was trying to find a team for Gabby. He has two projects he had me come and look at: a small health clinic/preschool building and a small school for OVC’s in his home area. Unfortunately, while probably good projects, there is no way ‘Cup could fund them and I can’t do it personally. I found a possible funding source for him and gave him the applications and went over them with him 1100-at Makholweni in Manzini. Got the latest wish list from Dudu on what she wants for the CarePoint. Only wish our budget matched her ever growing wish list. She (usually) doesn’t ask for anything extravagant, but it still a seemingly endless barrage of I want’s and I need’s. Also met with the builders still on site finishing up all the construction. Gave a Joyce Meyer book (in Portuguese) to Mkhulu for his daughter. They are from Mozambique. Gogo Kunene donated the land for the CarePoint, and as a gesture of thanks, we agreed to build her a bathroom on her house. So I got the daily material list and sent our driver (Gcina) to Cashbuild to pick up what they needed to continue. Also trying to arrange for a plumber and electrician to come from the community to do what’s needed on that end for the bathroom 1230-at Madonsa in Mazini to “inspect” the foundation. They have started to dig the foundation here, but dug an extra 10 meters of dirt. Good exercise maybe if you need it (which they don’t), but a real waste of time. Met with Nicholas (can’t even begin to spell/pronounce his Swazi name) who is our building coordinator for this project. Looked at the foundation and extra dirt that was dug, looked at material delivered to date (sand, crush and block), reviewed invoices for total material required and made an initial payment. Encouraged “Ben” (again, can’t even begin to spell/pronounce his Swazi name) and the ladies who are there to cook to keep up their commitment 1330-at Ngwane Park CarePoint to drop off a UNICEF/AMICAALL request for a meeting to help evaluate what makes a functional CarePoint functional (vs. a non-functional one) 1400-at Zakhele CarePoint. Dropped off same UNICEF/AMICAALL request here and waited for Teresa to arrive. She’ll be doing a clinic here this afternoon. I’m the chemist (Pharmacist). I get to dole out the meds Teresa prescribes. Patrick calls me Dr. D. Dr. D is in the house! We only see about 46 kids, but more arrive as we are trying to leave. So we give them worm pills (a twice yearly exercise unless they have a visible worm problem {use your imagination}) 1600-back to Ngwane Park to drop off paracetemol (tylenol like stuff) to the cooks there. We pick up Gugu (the Bible Club teacher there) to take her home. She was having the kids there practice a song/dance for a “day of prayer” celebration in Manzini on Saturday. The kids looked really good. Dropped her off and headed to Mbabane 1700- unloaded the meds at the ‘Cup office in Mbabane. Checked email, ate a peanut butter sandwich and an avocado sandwich (pre dinner snack). Reconciled cash expenditures for the day, checked email again, looked at foxnews 1800- brought Charles & Kristten to our house for dinner (they won’t have a car till next week). Teresa isn’t home yet so I start on dinner. Played Uno, started a fire (no heat in the house and we don’t have any electric heaters). 1930- Roger Kunene stops by to practice guitar with Gabby for Sunday’s worship. 2000- everyone sits down to dinner 2100-more guitar until Gabby falls asleep holding her guitar in her lap 2200-take Charles & Kristten home in Emafeni 2230-in bed and asleep in 2 minutes (obviously wrote this part the next morning)

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