Thursday, July 27, 2006


Teresa and I were driving back from Manzini on Wednesday evening and were struck by the view. Blurry picture at 130Km/hr doesn't do it justice.

The "Nurse's Station" we are building at Makholweni is nearing roof level. This project is being funded by Mission of Mercy. We should be able to put up the trusses next week. We are constantly amazed at the level/quality of health care available by the vast majority of the people here in Swaziland. We try to take the care of the people who work with us by taking them to the private clinics. These provide respectable care; but the government run hospitals are "less than optimum". The daughter of one of our Bible Club teachers received second degree burns from her upper thigh to her toes this weekend from boiling water. The government hospital sent her home with panadol (like tylenol) and said come back in two weeks; that was Sunday. No antibiotic, burn treatment, nothing. The picture shows her bandages and swelling on Monday morning. We took her Monday afternoon to the Imphilo Clinic. They took very good care of her. She is going back every two to three days to have the bandages changed, is on an antibiotic, and is doing very well.

We are not trying to provide the level of services the hospitals (are supposed to) provide, or the clinics (although their cost is out of reach of 98% of Swazi's). Our goal is to help provide basic preventative health care to keep the kids at our CarePoints out of the hospital entirely. Please pray that the governmental approval process and funding continues to go smoothly! Pray that God's healing would be evident through each one of us here.
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