Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Training Dr. Beyda

Last week we had 15 teachers from our CarePoints that were trained by a pediatric physician from Phoenix Children’s Hospital. His name is Dr. David Beyda. These teachers were taught how to do a physical exam, CPR, first aid, basic anatomy and how organ systems function. They will be assessing kids at their different CarePoints and letting me know which ones are sick and what their symptoms are. They can do basic first aid and simple wound care. They can take vital signs, and also assess the signs and symptoms of some common illnesses.

We all learned a great deal from Dr. Beyda. One of the things that he focused on was building a covenant relationship with the patients that you see as a health care worker. He not only taught , but modeled by example the things that he taught. He allowed the students to practice doing their physical exams on him, and also allowed them to do an 8 man lift on him from the floor to a table. He was very brave, but they did an excellent job. The students are all very bright and will be great health care workers. They are practicing what they have learned this week. They were so grateful to him for sharing his knowledge with them. They had him sit in a chair and literally lifted him up before the Lord and prayed for him. He was very broken and deeply touched by this.

While Dr.Beyda was here, he diagnosed one child with cerebral palsy, just by observing and assessing him. He is going to send me a physical therapy program for strengthening his legs that we can teach his go-go so that he may be able to walk better with his walker. I was amazed at his vast knowledge. He took the students outside at the CarePoint where the children were playing and had them pick out the sick ones and bring them to him. As he saw them, I took notes, and got medicines for them. He pointed out protein malnutrition in several of the kids. One 22 year old mentally disabled girl had a seizure right in front of us. He diagnosed the type of seizure, and asked to see her medicines so that he could readjust them. This girl was having several seizures a day and always falling on the same side of her head. She had many injuries on that side of her head and eye as well. Dr. Beyda told me to get her a bicycle helmet to protect her head from further injury. He not only shared his knowledge with us, but also his compassionate heart that goes the extra mile to care for those in need. Thanks again to Dr. Beyda for everything!

Update about 3 year old girl from Government Hospital

Remember the 3 year old girl that I have written about before that was terribly sexually abused? She has finally been discharged from the hospital and placed in the Sandra Lee Center, which my friend, Robin runs. I saw her a few weeks ago at a school fair. Some of the students go and get the kids from Ward 8 (abandoned children’s ward) and bring them to activities like this. At that time she was still living in the hospital, and that same scowl was still on her face. We tried to get her to smile, we took her in the jumping castle, but she was not impressed at all. As of last week, Robin was able to take her to her new home, the Sandra Lee Center. She is adjusting beautifully! She is now smiling more than frowning. She loves her new home. If you were to visit, you would find her with a backpack on her back and a baby doll in her arms, playing happily and smiling. She is now getting the love, care, attention, and nutrition that she so desperately needed.
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