Friday, October 20, 2006

Raliegh Fitkin Memorial Hospital

RFM for short. The government hospital in Manzini. Drab, run down, dirty.....hopelessness seems etched on the faces of the staff as well as the patients. Pepe was admitted to RFM yesterday. Pepe is 9. Our youngest is almost nine. Joelle dwarfs Pepe in size and energy. They are going to treat her for TB. She has no immune system anymore. Dr. Beyda saw her last week and immediately put her on IV for fluids and antibiotics. At that point he gave her 72 hours if they had not intervened. They bought some time.

We dropped off some of our kids stuffed animals and books for her today. To try and bring some cheer into her room. But in her high fever, I'm not sure how much she even recognizes. We'll visit her again tomorrow and Sunday, and Monday....

Mortality is real. Please pray for Teresa to have words of eternal comfort and peace for Pepe. Pray that Teresa has the strength and courage to be there for Pepe. Pray that Jesus is glorified in this situation.

God intervene in this country! Where is the serpent on the pole to stave off the affliction this country suffers?
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