Monday, January 22, 2007

Back HOME!

Home, Sweet Home. Our last travel post. We arrived back last Thursday in Swaziland and have spent the past few days adjusting to the time change and getting everything straight at home and ready for school. Today was our first day back at the office. Jumping back in with both feet!
A special thanks to everyone that was so good to us back in the States:
  • Divinity Lutheran; Towson, MD; Pastor Chris Chantelau
  • Theater Church; Washington, DC; Joel Schmidgall
  • New Life Ministries; Birmingham, AL; Joe & Sharon Mayeaux
  • Oasis Church; Loganville, GA; Pastor Troy Shaw
  • Healing Place Church; Baton Rouge, LA; Pastor Dino Rizzo
  • New Beginnings Church; Baton Rouge, LA; Pastor Jay Coleman
  • Shoreline Church; Destin, FL; Pastor Eric Partin
  • C3 Church; Clayton, NC; Pastor Matt Fry
  • Metropolitan Church of God; Birmingham, AL; Ken Lindsay
  • Shane Comeaux of the McClean Bible Church; Fairfax, VA
  • Messiah Lutheran; Downingtown, PA; Pastor Gulotta
  • Church of the Redeemer; Rockville, MD; Steve Homcy
We enjoyed being with family & friends during the trip. Thanks for your hospitality and kindness. But it's good to be home.
Prayer Requests:
  • favor from the Ministry of Health for the Children's Wellness Centre
  • our Swazi teachers/Bible Club teachers/health care workers (all the same)
  • our kids in Sifundzani (Danielle & Joelle) and Waterford (Gabby & Nathanael)
  • Teresa & I to follow His direction and not to wander from the course
  • the rest of the missionaries here with Children's Cup (Ben & Susie, Charles & Kristen, Patrick, Dave & Jean)
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