Wednesday, February 07, 2007

El Roi

We’ve been seeing some sick kids in our Tuesday and Thursday clinics at the Children’s Wellness Centre. I saw an 11 year old boy today that has a white discharge and a few small sores around his genitals and many sores on his legs, especially his knees. He says that it is painful when he urinates. I am treating him for a UTI (urinary tract infection) and giving him antibiotic cream for the sores. I am not sure if he has been sexually abused or just has a UTI. Abraham tried to talk to him and get him to open up. He says that he has not been involved sexually, but Abraham is not sure. The boy said that he would talk to Abraham about it later, so he thinks that he is hiding something. I told Abraham and Sindie (the teacher at the Ngwane Point CarePoint) to try to find out about his family and friends. I'm not sure how to proceed from here with this case. I would like to have him tested for HIV, but that will require agreement from his caretaker, who is his gogo (grandmother). Please help me pray for wisdom in this case, and that the grandmother will cooperate and agree to have him tested. I also pray that this is not a case of sexual abuse. I prayed for him today that the Lord would heal him and keep His hand of protection on him. I was thinking: I pray everyday for my own kids, who prays for these orphans? God sees them and has not forgotten them. Please help us remember these little ones in prayer every day.

We found out today about 3 more double orphaned children (both parents have died) that lived with their gogo. The gogo died this week. There is no one to take care of these three precious children. They are 8, 9, and 11 years old. We are trying to find some family that can take them and we will provide extra food for them and help them with these children. This is not something that is uncommon here is Swaziland, it happens every day. We found out today about another orphaned 8 year old little girl that is living with cousins who are also orphaned. The oldest cousin keeps the keys to their homestead so they are locked out at night till he comes home very late and typically drunk. She came crying to the CarePoint yesterday wanting to leave and go somewhere/anywhere else (we assume because of abuse). One of the cooks (Make Maziya) at Makholweni has offered to let her come and stay with her and her husband. Most of these kids are out of school because there is no one to pay their school fees. We try to help where we can. Pray that God will again give us wisdom and guidance as we try to provide for the needs of these helpless children.

We also met with TASC, an organization that does HIV testing, today. They are the ones that will help us get the kids tested and work with Baylor Children’s Clinic. We are going to try to get the first group tested at the end of this month and see how it goes. I would like to get the little 11 year old boy that I wrote about in the first paragraph tested, as well as another little 9year old girl that I also so today. I have treated her before for infected sores, swollen glands, etc. Today she is having the same problem. I saw her last week and gave her antibiotic cream for her sores. Today, her glands around her face and neck are all swollen and the rash/sores under her chin look infected. I placed her on an oral antibiotic and will follow up with her in a week. I have asked the teacher at her CarePoint to speak with her care giver also to see if she will bring her for HIV testing as well. Many times these infections are chronic and never really clear up until these children are placed on medications to treat HIV, which will help to boost their immune system and allow their body to heal.

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