Monday, March 12, 2007

Makholweni Youth Outreach

The first class for the sewing project has begun. Five girls from Makholweni began class last week. The teacher is a lady from the community that operates a dress and uniform business in Manzini. The first project will be to make dresses and shirts for all the girls and boys who go to the pre-schools at our CarePoints. The last piece of equipment we are looking for is an "overlocker". Everything else is in place. We will be sponsoring a contest at the CarePoints for the logo that will be embroidered on each of the uniform.
Here is the U13 boys and "open" girls soccer team forming at Makholweni. Center, back row is Ncamiso. Ncamiso is a remarkable young man who is spearheading many of the youth projects in Makholweni. He will be the coach and manager for the two teams. Both will be registered with the Manzini Regional Soccer Office and play against other teams in and around Manzini. The teams are still in need of uniforms, shin guards, soccer boots, and other equipment. If we can arrange transport, they will play their first freindly game next weekend.
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