Monday, May 14, 2007

Sandra Lee

We have spent a lot of time this week helping a friend get ready to receive 5-7 new babies into her orphanage. We have been hanging curtains, cleaning windows, moving things, going through clothes, etc. It has been fun. Friday, we had the privilege of going to the government hospital to help bring the babies home. These are all babies from the abandoned children’s ward. It was quite an exciting day. We were able to bring 5 of the 7 home to the orphanage. The other two had parents listed that they had to contact to make sure they don’t want them before they can come to the orphanage.

When we drove up to the homes, all of the other 14 children that live there were waiting outside. It was very interesting to see all of the dynamics, as they all got to know each other. My girls, Danielle and Joelle each have a baby that they have fallen in love with as we have visited them in the hospital. It was very exciting for them to hold them on the trip home and get them settled into their new home. Little John (the one Joelle is crazy about) was so excited to see all of the other children. He laughed and smiled and waved his arms as Joelle walked around holding him. Sibongile, (the one Danielle is crazy about) is too small to know what is going on, and is just interested in being fed and sleeping. I had to drag Danielle and Joelle away last night and the night before. They were really enjoying mothering these little ones. Thank God for our friends that have a heart for these abandoned babies and are taking the responsibility to raise them and give them a good home!

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