Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Update

Again, when the medical team visited Maphiveni, they saw a baby who was dying from malnutrition. The mother is HIV positive and had no more breast milk, and the baby was starving to death. The team gathered money and sent for formula and bottles for this baby. We were able to work with the mom and baby, teaching her how to mix the formula and feed the baby with formula to save her life. We also counseled the mom about getting on ARV’s herself. Pastor LaSalette and her staff also counseled and prayed with her and she accepted the Lord and is now coming to the church regularly! I saw the baby on Mother’s day. She and mom both look good! Mom says that she is now laughing, and she was not doing that before. The baby is about 11 months old, still can’t sit up, but is making progress. Praise the Lord! What a great Mother’s Day Blessing!
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