Monday, July 14, 2008

New Beginnings

Dear Friends

Thank you for all your support over the last three years. God has done wonderful things for us here in Swaziland and has opened so many doors we never knew existed!

We know that God has called us to Swaziland and the people here who are in need. Children’s Cup is doing a wonderful work in this country and we are proud to be associated with this organization. The focus of Children’s Cup is clear and well executed. As our time with Children’s Cup has shown us, there are many needs that are outside of the scope of work we are currently doing.

The vision of Children’s Cup is, and will always remain, our vision. After being in Swaziland for some time, our original calling has grown. A clearer picture of the overall need in Swaziland and our place in God, in fulfilling that need, has been solidifying in us for the past six months or more. We feel that the time has come to respond to this larger vision. Children’s Cups’ vision and the confines of the organization cannot facilitate this divergent direction. Prayerfully and with the consent and support of the Children’s Cup leadership here in Swaziland it has been decided that we shall continue working out our calling beyond their structures and leadership.

The number of children with HIV/AIDS and directly affected by HIV/AIDS continues to rise here in Swaziland. We seek ways to help those children who are still not being reached with diagnoses, treatment and coping strategies.

In parallel, there is a large and growing population of older teenagers and young adults who have had little or no training or encouragement/mentorship for growing up to be productive in their communities. There is no provision for being responsible for themselves, their families or even younger siblings that they may find themselves responsible for. We see a great need for developing progressive training in fields that would promise economic growth and self reliance as well as the moral and ethical foundations found in the Christian world view.

Coming alongside the leadership of Children’s Cup, training and assisting new leadership to take our place in Children’s Cup as well as helping with the transition of new leadership in Children’s Cup is our next goal. After three years of experience and commitment we shall be taking as long as needed to ensure a smooth hand over is done. During this hand over period our financial and other personal detailing will be sought out and communicated to you. We are preparing clear visionary goals and we will be sharing them with you as the Lord continues to direct and lead us.

As the Lord led us here as a family, He is continuing to lead and grow us as a family. Thank you again for all your prayer, support and generosity. We hope that you will be as excited as we are for the awesome work we expect to be doing here in Swaziland. Taking the last three years with Children’s Cup, and our lives, to the next level, we trust that God is refining our faith and growing us in Him.

Growing both in God and for God, in vision, action and impact for Swaziland.

God Bless

Daran, Teresa, Gabrielle, Danielle, Nathanael, & Joelle

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