Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thobile Update - 17 Years Old

Thobile is a little girl who is 17 years old, but only looks ten. We first met her about 2 years ago as we were planning a CarePoint at Madonsa, and decided that we (the Rehmeyers) would sponsor her, since she was too old to be sponsored thru Mission of Mercy. In the past two years, she has been going to Baylor Clinic and taking ARV’s, and has been able to go back to school. She has not been able to walk the long distance to get to school, so we have provided her with money for transport to get back and forth to school each day. This year in March, she was diagnosed with TB, and had to have daily injections for a while. She is still on oral TB meds, she has been hospitalized several times this year for various respiratory problems. After one of her hospitalizations she asked if we could get her a book sack with wheels because the one on her back was too heavy for her to carry.

She has been getting weaker and weaker. She was just discharged from the hospital in Manzini last week, on Thursday and readmitted to the hospital in Mbabane on Monday. They said that the hospital in Manzini said that she was too critical for them so they sent her to Mbabane. One of the nurses told me that when the Manzini hospital weren’t getting anywhere with a case and thought they might loose her, they sent her to Mbabane. I’m not sure if her TB is becoming resistant, or if she has another infection. Her mother seems to be very caring, but I don’t think that she is very responsible in keeping up with her medications.

When we arrived to see her on Monday, we found her lying on a mattress on the floor underneath another bed. There were empty beds in the front of the ward, so I asked why they couldn’t put her there. The answer was that the ward was divided into chronic and non-chronic cases, so she couldn’t go in that part of the ward. I think that they are trying to keep the TB cases separate, which is good, but there is nothing really protecting others from them. The next day she was in a bed, and asking for us to bring her something nice to eat!

I’m not sure what we are facing with this one. One of the Baylor doctors promised to go and see her. As of the second day, she had seen no doctor and nothing had been done except a chest x-ray. She is complaining that her legs are painful and weak and she is unable to walk. Please help us pray that the doctors have wisdom and that she gets the treatment that she needs!

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