Wednesday, August 06, 2008

update on Lomansontfu

The beautiful little girl from Maphiveni with the large cyst on her cheek returned from Pretoria. Unfortunately the cyst is still there. She called me on my cell phone from the hospital several times, until I was able to make it to the hospital to get her. When I walked into the room, she smiled, grabbed her little bag and ran to hug me. We were going to have her family come get her the next day, but when the nurses told me how anxious she had been to have me come to get her, I couldn’t bring myself to leave her. We had her family come up and meet us in Manzini at one of the care points. When we drove up to the care point, she slumped down in the seat so the other kids couldn’t see her. She was afraid that they would stare and make fun of her. I quickly took her into the clinic so the kids couldn’t see her.
The doctor from Pretoria found that it is a very vascular cyst, which means that it is full of blood vessels. It can’t be removed until it is clotted off and the hope is that it will shrink. He did try to clot it by going in at her femoral vein in her groin and going up to the veins that feed the cyst. He wants to see her again in the 1st of October. So far, the cyst hasn’t shrunk, but we are praying that this will work. Once it is clotted, she will need surgery to remove it. Depending on how extensive it is, she may need reconstructive surgery as well. Please continue to pray for this situation and for this precious little girl!
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