Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thobile is still getting daily injections (7 days a week)at the TB clinic and also taking a myriad of other tablets as well, which they give her at the TB clinic, since her mother can't be trusted to give them to her consistently. It costs R20 per day for transport to get her and her mother to the TB clinic. This ends up being at least R600 per month. She is also struggling to have enough food. She is too weak and the care point is too far for her to go there every day for food. So her mother goes to get food for her at the care point. I'm not really sure what they do on week ends when the care point is not open. She is also in need of some clothes. She is no longer going to school, because she is not strong enough. This TB treatment will have to continue for 6 to 9 months at the very least. This is a very difficult life that this young one lives, but she is just happy to be alive! Please continue to keep her in your prayers!
Lomansontfu went to south Africa last week. She had more scans done, and the doctor thinks that he may be able to remove the cyst soon. It seems that it is not as vascular as it was, and he was going to do a biopsy to confirm that it is ok to go ahead with surgery. He is waiting on a prosthesis for her jaw bone,which has been eaten away by the cyst. While they were waiting, she contracted a mild case of the measles, so he decided to wait to do the biopsy when she returns for surgery. She is now at home waiting. After the surgery is done, her jaw will be wired shut for a few weeks. Our daughter, Gabby is about to have some orthodonic surgery where her jaw will be shut with bands for 6 weeks. I would like to take her to see Lomansontfu so she will see and understand what it will be like with her jaw being wired shut, and that she isn't the only one!
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