Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Grieving Father

Sorry, this is a father's reflection. When our children were younger, we set boundaries and basic "game rules" to make sure nobody got hurt. And when they did have the cuts and scrapes, the hurt was short lived. But we still wanted to take on their pain and "make it better". As they grow older, into young adulthood, they must learn to set their own boundaries. Hopefully we did a good job of instilling a knowledge of right & wrong, a correct and valid moral compass to gauge their world, but ultimately, they set the boundaries. Or push the boundaries. So now when they get hurt, as much as we want to come along side and "make it better", we can't. Pretty much all we can do is stand and watch. And grieve.
It struck me that is what God does with us. The Bible speaks about God's heart being broken because of our own obstinance and pride. In Luke, Jesus is quoted saying: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, .... how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!.." Jesus knew full well what was in store for Jerusalem. But because of their embrace of religions form and function and their rejection of the heart and spirit of God's plan, they doomed themselves to banishment and destruction. And all Jesus could/would do was stand to the side and watch. Grieving.
How often do we turn from what we know, from God's desire, to go and do what we want. Obstinance and pride. How often do I break God's heart by my actions, choices, inaction, thoughts, words, and deeds? And while we continue to love our children, God even continues to love us; while we wait and hope for our children to make right choices, God waits and I dare say hopes we do as well.
I'm looking to the day of no more broken hearts. I'm sure God is too.
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