Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Update!

Dear Friends,
CHIPS continues to expand and have a life saving impact in the areas we are working in now. We have found the children’s HIV infection rate to be about 6% of those we have had tested. That is tremendous news as we expected the infection rate to much higher. For those 6%, CHIPS is the difference between life and death. The infection rate for caregivers however is about 50%. Fully half of the caregivers we’ve facilitated testing for are HIV+. That is an astounding rate. Over time, that would mean at least a doubling of the number of orphans as these caregivers would succumb to the virus and the diseases that follow it.
It is a huge blessing to see someone who was too weak to even stand, now active and able to take care of their children.

As one of our supporters, you are a part of this!

We have taken the next and crucial step in developing the youth skills program. Beginning in May, Daran started teaching the “Money Matters” course originally developed by Peter Kopp of African Leadership Partners. The alternative title is “God’s Answer to Poverty”. The first all-day class was taught at Christian Family Church International in Tambankulu. Roughly 30 people attended that class. Daran is also teaching a 6 week version of the course to fifteen people at the Mbabane UPC on Monday evenings. We have plans to repeat the class at both these churches and to expand to other churches. We’ve been asked to work on an all siSwati version for non-English speakers in the rural areas. We also are in the beginning stages of developing a “Money Matters 2” course. These courses will form an essential part of the youth skills program.
Teresa continues to be active with the Swaziland Breast Cancer Network (SBCN). It looks like there may be funding to proceed with setting up chemo treatment here in Swaziland. Daran is working with several churches here to develop children’s homes based on the New Life Homes model. Each organization faces hurdles in either finding land or finding funding sources. Please pray for the Holiness Union Church that the land issues there will be resolved and for Christian Family Church that Swaziland registration issues will be resolved so promised funding can be made available.
While aid and development work can be good in itself, offering it in Christ’s name can have an eternal impact on those who receive!
Gabby has started looking at colleges in the States. A parent’s lament: it’s hard to believe our “little baby” will be leaving home soon (even if it’s not for another year and a half). Danielle and Nathanael are helping with worship at HPC-Swaziland. Joelle is as loud and boisterous as ever.
We would ask that you continue to pray for our family’s protection: physical and spiritual; and wisdom and discernment for the effective implementation of the programs we’ve started and you are a part of here.
As we look forward to funding requirements through the remainder of this year and into next and we look at support from all sources (one-time and annual gifts, monthly support, stipend from SBCN), we continue to have a monthly shortfall of approximately $1000USD. We would ask that you share this ministry work and vision within your circle of friends and associates.
Blessings & Peace!
Daran & Teresa
Gabby, D
anielle, Nate, & Joelle

African Leadership Partners, Inc.
PO Box 994044
Redding, CA 96099-4044

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