Monday, July 06, 2009

Tema ca. 1964 - 5 July 2009

Tema passed away late Sunday afternoon. A victim of a slow silent disease, poverty, and an overloaded, broke medical system. We did what we could through CHIPS and getting her into the medical system. But in the end, even that did not prove enough to overcome the hurdles of disease and medical non-practice.
Teresa had the opportunity to pray with her a number of times and she came from Christian Family Church in Tambankulu, so we trust she knew Jesus. But it was still very hard as Teresa was by her bedside as she took her last breaths Sunday. Alone. Abandoned by family. We had gone to Siteki and Maphiveni on Saturday to pick up more clothes for her and a month old x-ray that they had failed to send along with her when she was transported to Mbabane Government Hospital. With no family to care for her in the hospital, all her clothes had become soiled from constant vomiting and diarrhea. The hospital supplies nothing. Teresa had met a compassionate lady on the house keeping staff who was doing what she could for Tema. We were going to approach her today to see if we could pay her a little extra to take Tema's clothes and wash them.
Please pray specifically for Teresa. She needs His strength to continue. She has His heart and compassion.
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