Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Transfer to Mbabane Government Hospital

We facilitated the transfer of Tema to the MGH on Friday. Teresa is working with the doctors she knows here to verify the diagnoses made at Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki. If confirmed, they will start the process of having her sent to Pretoria to have the corrective surgery performed. The doctors here said they would not be able to perform it here because of inadequacies in the Intensive Care unit. Winter has come with a vengeance this week. It is probably a full 10 degC cooler here than in Siteki now. Tema came with only what she was wearing. The past few mornings have dipped down to 0 degC (freezing for those used to degF). There is no heat in the hospital wards.
Teresa and Joelle went thru some of Joelle's outgrown clothes to give to Tema to help keep her warm. And with only a thin blanket from the hospital, she was shivering when Teresa went to visit her. We took out two of our blankets that we had not been using and gave them to her (I think they were hand made by my grandmother years ago).
Please pray for Tema. We have had three caregivers in CHIPS pass away within the past few weeks. All of these and Tema came into the program very sick and have had to struggle to survive. Three have lost and we feared Tema would give up as well.
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