Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moringa Study

As a supplement to the CHIPS program, we are growing a new food supplement, called Moringa. It is a tree that grows green leaves that are full of vitamins and minerals that act as a wonderful food supplement, especially to the HIV positive population. We have a crop that was planted in Pastor La'Salettes garden in February. We just harvested our first crop last week. The leaves are dried and pounded into a powder to be used as a food supplement. We are planning to distribute this powder to the surrounding communities through La'Salette's church. Once people start using it and see the benefits, we would like to teach them to plant a crop and take care of it and possibly be able to harvest for their own use, as well as be able to sell it as an income generating project for their families. Assistant Pastor Jabulani at Christian Family Church in Swaziland has been tasked with taking care of the plants, harvesting and drying the leaves, and pounding them into powder.
Ed Lin, with Impala Development Services has helped spearhead introduction of Moringa in Swaziland. He would like to do a research study with the children in our communities comparing the differences in body weight, arm circumference, disease assessment, etc. He would like to compare children taking Moringa on a regular basis with those who are not. This should be an interesting study. We will do monthly assessments for 6 months, hopefully utilizing a student nurse to assist us.
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