Monday, November 23, 2009

Fana 1981 - 10 November 2009

The young man we spoke about in the last update passed away on November 10. We visited him on Friday, prayed with him and tried to teach his family how to care for him. One thing Teresa stressed to them was how important it was that he continue drinking. He had already stopped eating because of the sores in his throat and mouth. On Saturday we got a call that his family had called and he had stopped drinking as well. Jabulani put him in the CHIPS khombi and took him to Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki. He was admitted.
We got the call on Tuesday that he had died.
He was slated to start on ART (Anti Retro-viral Treatment) on Thursday.
It is a shame that most men (and plenty of women as well) will live in denial until they are too weak to even respond to treatment. At that point HIV really is a death sentence.
Our hope and prayer is that even for those who choose to ignore the situation (and maybe the obvious), we will still have the opportunity to minister and demonstrate Christ's love to them and their family in an obvious way.

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