Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Talking Bible

We met today with the head of a missions group called Cross Connection Outreach. They are working in Mozambique to put the New Testament into an audio player for each of the native languages in that country (they have finished 3 of the 40 some odd languages spoken there). This is primarily for distribution to illiterate and blind people living in relative isolation. Their trip to Swaziland was to make connections to distribute the newly released siSwati Talking Bible to non-English speaking and illiterate people here. Each Bible is also distributed with a small solar panel so relying on batteries and that cost burden is overcome.
We are looking forward to being able to distribute these Bibles to the members of CHIPS in the Maphiveni and Vuvulane communities. Many of the people in these communities speak little or no English and are illiterate as well. We are trusting that being able hear God's word in their own language will be a huge blessing and in turn bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ!
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