Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vusile & Jabu

We had a chance to visit some of the areas helped by CHIPS in Lubombo this week. Especially gratifying was visiting Vusile and Jabu. Both live at the same homestead. Jabu is being treated for Kaposi Sarcoma (an opportunistic HIV related cancer). She had begun treatment with the help of CHIPS, but quit because of the side effects of the chemotherapy. CHIPS Jabulani and Mary convinced her to restart treatment last week. She met someone in the treatment center who was suffering worse side effects than she had been. I think it help her realize she could do it and see it through. Jabulanii commented that the blemishes typical of KS were beginning to fade and shrink.

Vusile, on the other hand was scooting about, happy and smiling in the walker donated for him by Cindy Martin with All for Jesus. Vusile has cerebral palsy and with no care or treatment available, was left to craw on the ground.

Please pray for Jabu's continued recovery and treatment, that Vusile would have access to proper medical intervention and for our continued ability to show God's love and compassion to these communities in a powerful and real way.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Here are some recent pictures from Maphiveni and CHIPS. Thanks to Ian and Jenn! They show a community volunteer that has helped us greatly by identifying people who are sick who are part of CHIPS and those who would benefit from being part of the program. We supplied the fencing to help her protect her garden (the chickens and dogs were ruining it before). Also shown are Mary and Jabulani (and a cute baby).