Monday, January 24, 2011

Counting Down to Return to SD

Teresa, Danielle, Nathanael, and Joelle are back in southern Africa after some excitement at the airport in Washington. Nathanael was dropped from the flight from Dulles to Johannesburg for some reason. Teresa managed after much cajoling (and I’m sure tears) to convince them she wasn’t going to leave her 16 year old at the airport to figure it out.

I (Daran) will be in the States through February 20. I am still looking for opportunities to share the vision for a clinic to serve the HIV population in Swaziland with any groups, small or large, church, home or civic. I would be grateful for any meeting that can be organized for us. I’m committed to traveling to where ever meetings can be organized.

Scheduled travel so far: January 23 - January 27 – Baton Rouge, LA
January 28 – January 29 – Shelby, NC
February 1 - February 4 – San Antonio, TX
February 17 – 20 – San Antonio, TX
February 21 - SWAZILAND!!!

My number while in the US is (978) 558-3251.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped set up the meetings we’ve already had. They have been a blessing to us and hopefully a blessing to those who were there.

Mission Trail Rotary, San Antonio, TX
Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC
Messiah Lutheran Church, Coatesville, PA
Divinity Lutheran Church, Towson, MD
Woodbrook Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD
Leon Springs Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX
Capital City Rotary, Baton Rouge, LA
Baton Rouge Round Table, Baton Rouge, LA
University Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge, LA
First Presbyterian Church, Morgantown, WV
Bauer’s Women’s Bible Study, Baton Rouge, LA
Hosanna Christian Academy, Baton Rouge, LA
Broadmoor United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge, LA

We have a vision for developing a holistic medical clinic in the Maphiveni area to proactively cater to the HIV+ population there. In addition, to help address the long term poverty issues there, we want to begin developing a community centre that will help empower the most vulnerable to provide for themselves and give them control of their lives in a Christ centred environment.

God is good! He demonstrates His faithfulness to us in both big and small ways.
Daran & Teresa Rehmeyer
African Leadership Partners

Subtle Health Rationing
CHIPS Clinic
CHIPS - Children’s HIV Intervention Programme in Swaziland