Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angels Watching Over Us!

Last Friday on the way home from visiting our CHIPS staff in Vuvulane, I received a call from my son saying that 2 men had been in our yard earlier that day. When I got home, I found out that there had been someone going from gate to gate seeing if anyone was home. No one was at our house that morning because I was in Vuvulane, the kids were at school and my house lady, Anna, had an appointment and was only supposed to come in later in the day. Her appointment was changed and she came around 10am. At 1pm, she looked out the window and saw 2 men standing in the front yard by the gate. When they saw her, they jumped over the wall that has barbed wire on top of it! She started screaming and all of the gardeners and guards from both neighbors and across the street came running and chased them. They got away in a Volvo with South African plates. Anna was shaken when I arrived. I called the police and they showed up about 3 hours later to take a report. By then, the guard and gardeners that had been there when the incident took place were gone. They said they would send an investigator in the morning to ask them questions. (not sure if that ever happened) They told me that these guys have been going all over looking for houses with no one home to break into to get jewelry and electronics. Later that evening the police had a road block down the road from my house. I told them I hope they were looking for the guys that tried to break into our house earlier. Praise the Lord that Anna was there and scared them off. Also, I am so thankful for my neighbors guard and gardeners that tried to help. I am happy that we live in an area that is alert and willing to help us. I sent cookies to all of them today! I pray that the thieves are long gone and do not come back! Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness and Protection!
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