Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CHIPS has an immediate ministry opportunity/need

Part of our work in the community of Maphiveni in eastern Swaziland is economic empowerment: our goal is families that have the resources to buy their own food, basic necessities, and pay school fees for their children.

To that end we are looking for someone who can begin a project in Maphiveni/Vuvulane to teach and mentor women to sew cloth hand bags for a U.S. market. The volunteer would develop patterns, manage quality, and select cloths and colors. We are looking for someone who has a firm Christian foundation and would be self-motivated to also bring mature spiritual discipleship to the women in these areas.

The need is now. We truly believe God calls people to specific work. He already has a person for this work. We would ask that you help us pray for that specific person to be faithful to their calling.

Please circulate this among your friends.

We know everyone has challenges and issues in their daily lives; some are small, some are huge. We have been honored to be entrusted to help pray for some of these and continue to do so.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Back full steam in Swaziland!

Thank you to everyone who made the trip back to the States enjoyable and successful!
Maphiveni Community Health Centre Update
We have met with ICAP, PACT, Cabrini Ministries, Good Shepherd Hospital, Mbabane Rotary Club and the CHIPS staff in the past two weeks. But maybe most important, we had a meeting with the Indvuna Inkundla for the Maphiveni area this Friday. The Indvuna Inkundla is responsible for representing the Inkundla, a political entity with an elected MP (Member of Parliament), back to the chiefdoms in the Inkundla's constituency. His support and recommendations back to the chief that has jurisdiction over Maphiveni is critical in obtaining the land needed for the health centre. He was confident we should be able to arrange a meeting with the chief in the next week to begin the discussion for land. Please help us pray for favour and confirmed direction in Maphiveni.
The Capital City Rotary Club in Baton Rouge has expressed interest in fund raising for the health centre (the Mbabane Rotary Club would be the partner on this side). The firm of Watts Didier Architects in Baton Rouge has graciously volunteered to develop the construction documents for the health centre.
Experience of a lifetime! ? We have arranged with a local tour operator for fully catered hunting, photo, birding, and fishing safaris in neighbouring South Africa (just across the border from Swaziland). A portion of the fees go directly to supporting the Maphiveni Community Health Centre. Included in the safaris are two days visiting in Swaziland: a traditional homestead and the on-going work at the health centre. Groups of 2 or more can be accommodated. Any interest or questions please email us back!
Other news?
Kids are all back in school. Gabby is in the States: working, attending CNA classes and waiting to finalize plans for college in the fall. Teresa is continuing to volunteer with the Swaziland Breast Cancer Network in the implementation of a cervical cancer diagnoses and treatment program here.
Worn Out
Both of our vehicles are over ten years old (13 and 14 years). And while they are still running today, it is only a question of time before they have to be retired. We are wary of having to drive them out of Swaziland anymore. Even used vehicle costs here are on par or higher than costs in the US. We have suitable replacements in mind (nothing fancy!), but would need extra-ordinary support to be able to replace what we are currently driving.
We hope this note finds you Blessed. We would be honoured to help pray for the needs and challenges in your life!
Daran & Teresa Rehmeyer