Thursday, April 28, 2011

God is so Good!

God is so good! We just received a huge answer to prayer! Last year God put on our hearts to build a Community Health Center in Maphiveni, where we work with our HIV program, CHIPS. We found a piece of property that we thought would be ideal both for service and sustainability. We made an offer a few weeks ago and it was turned down. We were very disappointed, but still felt that this was the place. So we have been praying and waiting and gave it to the Lord! People just told us yesterday that there is no way that this person would sell to us. This land has been for sale for many years and it was pretty hopeless. So we said, it would be a miracle if this happened. This morning, I was reading my devotion about Elijah praying and believing God for rain even though he saw no clouds until he sent the servant the 7th time, then he saw a cloud the size of a man's hand! Praise God! Daran ran in the house calling me and said you will never believe who just called me! Yes, it was the lady making us an offer! Praise God! Now we have to raise the funding for this, but my God can do anything!
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