Monday, May 09, 2011

Statistics are Meaningless

I lost another one of my friends and co-workers to the ravages of HIV. She found out she was positive only after she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with fungal meningitis. At that time, her CD4 count was found to be 3, when it should be 800 to 1000 normally. People are started on Anti Retro viral drugs here in Swaziland when their CD4 count reaches below 350. All of that detail to say, she was very sick and I was afraid that she would die before I returned from our visit to the States in January. When we returned, I was happy to see that she was back at work and doing much better! The next thing I heard was that she had gone to South Africa to visit her grandfather, who was sick, and then he passed away. The next news I heard was that she had died as well, after her grandfather’s funeral. Her parents said that she was not taking her medicine like she was supposed to, and that is why she got sick again. I am not sure if she just didn’t bring enough medicine with her, or she was not taking it. I am so sad for this loss.
While she was working with me at Breast Cancer Network for the past 2 years, I tried my best to help her see Jesus and let her know that He loved her and had good plans for her. As her boss, I tried to discipline her and still let her know that I loved her and most of all Christ loved her. She also had some mental health issues, and I invited her to attend the monthly mental health group with me. This group meets at the church that I attend and I believe that she and her brother, who came with her a couple of times, received help from this group as well.
I believe that she was placed in my life so that I could be an example to her. Although I was not always a perfect example, I pray that I was able to influence her short life for the good and that she was able to see and know Jesus a little better because of the time that we spent together.
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