Monday, April 30, 2012

Clean Water

The ladies in the sewing project at Section 19 in Vuvulane have been complaining about being sick and having diarrhea, nausea, etc.  Numerous days have been spent taking the ladies to the clinic at Emkusweni.  The clinic is at such a distance that it literally takes the whole day to drive there and back as well as waiting in the que to be helped.  So Corine, who is helping to manage the sewing project, came to us and asked what we thought about getting containers for them so they could have clean water, instead of the dirty water that they use from the irrigation ditches surrounding the sugar cane fields.  So I went to the market in Mbabane and bought four 20 liter containers, one for each of our ladies.  You should have seen them when they saw the containers!  They were so happy!  Now Corine takes the containers to her house and fills them with clean fresh water and brings them back to the ladies.  They are feeling much healthier and stronger already!  Now they are ready to learn and be productive, so they can make some money sewing to support their families.  This was a very small thing, but has already produced a really good result, praise the Lord!
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