Sunday, April 01, 2012

Vitamins a Blessing!

We were blessed to meet Babe Mndzebele with Community Connections in Mahlanya last week. Babe Mndzebele works with an organization in Canada called Partners for Others. He found us through our new website ( and contacted us here in Swaziland. He was able to immediately give us several cartons of adult multivitamins and children's vitamin C supplements. The communities we work in in the Lubombo Region here in Swaziland are extremely impoverished. With constantly increasing prices for everything from transport to food, the quantity and quality of food they area able to find has diminished tremendously. Our CHIPS staff comment that it is a visible problem and malnourishment is increasing. The vitamins will help for a short while to increase the nutritional health for those that received them. Jabulani and Mary distributed the adult multivitamins and children's supplements to the Children's Cup carepoint and the community preschool in Maphiveni and in the Vuvulane community of Macetuka. Jabulani relayed the demand was greater than the supply. Thanks to Babe Mndzebele for contacting us and making this possible. We look forward to working with him and his organization in the future.
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