Friday, May 11, 2012


Please pray for a young girl (woman) named Thobile. 
If you search back through our blogs, you'll see numerous stories over the years about Thobile.  We first met her as we spearheaded a new carepoint under Children's Cup in 2006 or so.  She was very sick when we met her.  A combination of HIV and TB were slowly killing her.  We made it possible for her to get treatment and once she was well enough even sponsored her to return to primary school.  She finished Grade 6 last year and had started Grade 7.  Her official birth date is April 30, 1991.  One month younger than our oldest daughter.  But the ravages of HIV, TB and poor nutrition made her look to be half her age.
She was re-admitted to the government hospital in Manzini two weeks ago with fluid on the lungs and trouble breathing.  A few days ago she was transferred to the isolation ward at the TB Hospital in Moneni.
This young lady needs a miracle, a touch to her physical body. 
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