Saturday, September 08, 2012

The World’s Best (and Worst) Economies

The Least Competitive Economies in the World
10. Swaziland
> GCI score: 3.28
> GDP per capita: $3,358 (51st lowest)
> Debt as a pct. of GDP: 17.5% (22nd lowest)
> Individuals using Internet: 18.1% (46th lowest)
> Infant mortality rates: 55.1 per 1,000 live births (27th highest)
Of the 144 countries studied by the World Economic Forum, Swaziland ranked 14th lowest in providing basic requirements for competitiveness. The kingdom is ranked as one of the 20 worst macroeconomic environments in the world. Swaziland is rated so poorly partly because it is just one of three nations surveyed with a negative savings rate. The country also was especially ineffective, 135th out of 144, at promoting health and basic education, both of which are necessary for a productive and competitive workforce. The health problems presently facing Swaziland are among the worst in the world: 25.9% of the population is estimated to have had HIV or AIDS as of 2009.
Please pray how you can help our projects in Swaziland. The realities of the economy here, whatever the underlying causes, has a catastrophic affect on the the impoverished and isolated populations living in rural Swaziland. Whether you can help with the medical outreach and clinic or the economic empowerment projects. Please pray how and where you can get involved!
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