Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CHIPS Transport

CHIPS (Children's HIV Intervention Programme Swaziland) makes two to three trips to Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki from Vuvulane/Maphiveni per week.  Here is a typical trip (this was from this Tuesday):

   Macethuka:  3 for ARV refills
   Section 19:  1 for ARV refill the 2 for re-initiation on ARV's
   Maphiveni:  2 sick (to see doctor) and 3 ARV refills.
CHIPS Khombi
CHIPS starting a trip to Good Shepherd

CHIPS Khombi
CHIPS khombi in the cane fields
This is eleven people who would have no hope of battling HIV without CHIPS.  Our khombi (van) is on it's last leg (axle).  We also make numerous trips during the year for unscheduled transport to Good Shepherd or other clinics for baby deliveries and emergency transport for very sick CHIPS clients.  We are at 66% of the funding we need for a replacement.  Please pray with us for provision.  If you could help, follow this link, but please send us a message that the donation is for the khombi!  God Bless!
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