Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Update on Thobile

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Teresa and Thobile at the TB HospitalThobile is "interred" in the National TB hospital:  She has been feeling better.  Last week when we visited, she came walking out to the car dancing and saying, “Mommy, I am very, very hungry!”  I was so thrilled to see her up and around and hungry, all good signs.  I brought her food, treats that she likes, like white bread, corn flakes, chips, yogurt, juice, full cream milk and fruit.  She gets food at the hospital but it is tasteless and sometimes too heavy for her to handle.  Then I got a call this week that she was feeling poorly again, weak, and pains all over the body.  So I am not sure if it is another setback or the flu.  At any rate, she still needs much prayer!  TB in this country is becoming so difficult to treat!  I can’t take her out of the hospital until she can stay well and I know she wants to get out.  Please pray for complete healing in her little body, mind soul and spirit.  It is so difficult to be in this institution.  I was told that the girl that was in the bed next to her, died last week.  She is such a strong little one, I know that God has a plan for her life.  She is a prayer warrior too, she loves the Lord!

There is also another young girl who is 15 years old that has been admitted to the TB hospital last week.  She is very sick, unable to feed herself, take her meds, and too weak to walk to the bathroom.  When visited the day after she was admitted, she was found lying in her urine, shaking from chills and high fever, her medications were spilled on the floor, and her food was sitting there untouched.  Her medications for HIV had not been given to her yet and it was 11:30 am.  These medications should be taken at the same time every morning and every evening, which should have been much earlier in the morning.  Unfortunately, the care in this institution is not up to par.  The patient load and the severity of these patients is very high and there are not many nurses or nurse assistants.  So I know this must be very difficult, not to mention the risk to the nursing staff of contracting the multi-drug resistant TB.  This is just a difficult place to be, especially when you can’t care for yourself.  So I am also asking for prayer for this little one who is so sick and so helpless.  We know that God cares for those who can’t help themselves.

I would like to request prayer for is Nomcebo Treasure, who has been helping us with interpreting for Thobile since she has been in the hospital.  She calls me when Thobile needs something or informs me when she is not doing well. Nomcebo is a precious lady who also loves the Lord very much!  She has great faith even when things aren’t going well for her.  She has been on TB treatment for 3 years and still doesn’t seem to be getting better.  When I told her that I had asked people from all over to pray for Thobile, she asked, “Oh, please ask for prayer for me too!”  The doctors are telling her that she has some holes in her lungs where the TB is hiding and that is why it is so difficult to treat.  So I told her that I would ask our friends to prayer for her complete healing as well.

I can’t tell you how many times I have visited these precious ladies and I have been down about some little circumstance in my life and been so encouraged after visiting with them and seeing their joy and faith in the Lord even in the midst of their dire circumstances!  Praise God, we are here to be a blessing, but we are so blessed by His people here!

Also I want to update you about Khanysile, our lady that is in the sewing program that was so sick and in the hospital.  She is doing much better, she is home and back to sewing, praise the Lord!   Thank you so much for your prayers!  We are very excited about our team that is coming in just 2 weeks to be with us to do medical clinics and construction out in Vuvulane and Maphiveni!

Teresa in the States

Teresa in Baton Rouge and Baltimore

Teresa will be traveling to the States for the month of March.  Her first two weeks will be in Baton Rouge (coinciding with the fund raiser- see previous post or view our last newsletter at ) and the last two weeks in Baltimore to visit with our oldest, Gabby.  Though the trip is short, she'd love to meet with our supporters in these two areas if possible.  Email us and we can work out the details.

Baton Rouge Fund Raiser

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Baton Rouge Old State Capitol

The Rotary Club of Baton Rouge Capital City
"Reaching Out For A Cause"

Old State Capitol, 100 North Boulevard
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Saturday, March 9, 2013
6:00 - 7:00 Wine and Light Hors d’ oeuvres - Silent Auction       7:00 - 8:30 Concert
National and International Musicians
Baton Rouge Ethnic Dancers
Runnels School String Orchestra
Proceeds Benefit
Baton Rouge Center for World Affairs
Promote Baton Rouge through education, international economic development, and cultural awareness initiatives.
The Possibility Project – Baton Rouge (formerly City at Peace)
Empowers teenagers to create safe, peaceful, and productive lives, and communities, using the performing arts and community action as vehicles.
The Teresa and Daran Rehmeyer Kudvumisa Foundation Project
Baton Rouge natives, Teresa and Daran Rehmeyer, need a replacement bus to transport patients to distant medical facilities in Swaziland.  They have been serving since 2005.
Tickets: Adults $25  Students $15
Checks Should Be Payable To: Reaching Out For a Cause (ROFC)
Tickets Are Available at the Door

For Tax Exempt Donations Make Check Payable to:
Rotary District 6200 Foundation
Designated to:  Reaching Out For a Cause (ROFC)

Mail to:
Rotary District 6200 Foundation
11616 Southfork Ave. Ste. 300
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816-5241
Contact: Pat Robinson at 225-335-0322 or for information.