Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Australian Volunteers International

We have received confirmation that Kudvumisa Foundation will be receiving a "volunteer" from Australia in September.  Georgina will be joining us for a two year commitment:  her salary will be paid by AVIWe have a small commitment to help with housing.

Her effort will be focused entirely on working with the ladies in Section 19 we call the "Sewing Ladies".  Much time and effort has been dedicated over the past two years to help these ladies learn the skills to create marketable items and achieve a minimal level of proficiency and quality to access American markets.  Georgina will continue to work on skills and marketable items, but  her primary goal will be to help these ladies develop the skills to operate as a business and ultimately to be able to stand alone with or without our help.

Gabby was here for 4 weeks between May and June with a Projects for Peace grant provided by the Davis Foundation Projects for Peace.  She was accompanied by two of her friends/co-grantees from Notre Dame of Maryland University: Amber and Andreina.  These girls spent three weeks in Section 19 teaching the "Sewing Ladies" and other ladies in the community how to crochet.  This is another skill added to the repertoire for these ladies, living in a difficult place under sometimes difficult circumstances.
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