Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Replacement Van (Kombi)

It is finally happening!  We have full funding for the replacement patient transport vehicle.  Much thanks to the Baton Rouge-Capital City, Baltimore City, and Mbabane Rotary Clubs.  We are anticipating transfer of the full funds in the next two weeks.  The replacement van will seat 17 so we'll be able to carry more patients per trip.  This will allow us to expand the program to more communities and HIV affected people.  As part of the grant, the vehicle will have an in-vehicle video education system to help promote messages regarding health, hygiene, and positive living while the patients are being transported. Messages specifically tailored to an HIV+ audience for drug adherence and methods to stop new infections will be prominent.  As a Faith Based Organization (FBO) we also have the opportunity to share material which will share the Gospel message of hope.
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