Thursday, October 10, 2013

2013 10 08 - New Office Building and 501c3 status approved!

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Subject: Yippee!!! 501 (c) (3) Approved!!!
Importance: High --- Spread the word, we’ve been approved!!!  On September 22, 2013, the IRS approved Kudvumisa Foundation USA Inc. tax exempt status.  We will keep you posted as we transition to receiving donations through the Kudvumisa Foundation.  Thanks to all who made this possible!

USAID Update
We’ve hired another counselor for the HIV testing, and finished interviews last week for a Finance and a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer.  These new positions are needed to help manage the grant from PEPFAR/USAID.

Swaziland Ministry of Health
As reported in the previous newsletter a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the Swaziland Ministry of Health.  The “town” of Vuvulane has provided a building to move into rent free. Office renovations were needed to comply with the requirements for secure and climate controlled ARV drug storage, and secure storage for patient files. Installation of the required AC is pictured on the left. The air conditioner is a crucial requirement  for meeting the drug storage requirements from the Ministry of Health, not for staff comfort!

Office Renovations Complete
Total cost was about E16,000/$1,684USD; local labor was used and it was managed ourselves to reduce the cost. A donation of E3000/$316USD was received from an Australian couple who visited and saw our work. Please be prayerful about giving to provide for ongoing maintenance for this facility. The recently painted and renovated building is pictured on the right.

The ministry is still waiting on delivery of the new passenger van. The mobile clinic has been ordered; this vehicle is paid for and is being transported to Durban for the mobile clinic conversion.

For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these... Luke 18:16

There are a number of children in abusive situations in the communities we work in.  Neglect, rape, physical and emotional abuse; this takes a toll on us to watch as the government is unable to cope or deal with the situation.  Please pray for these children, there were three in particular need of a new home.  One of the three children was placed in a Christian orphanage that belongs to a friend of ours and he is doing very well!  Praise the Lord!  He is adjusting to having many brothers and sisters and a Make (mother) that takes care of him, rules that he must follow to protect him and to having electricity and running water.  His first bath was hilarious, he loved it! There was more water on the floor than in the tub! Light switches were also fascinating to him at first, he would not stop turning them on and off!

The other two (2) children were placed in a Buddhist orphanage which is very disappointing, but at least they are in a safe place. Teresa is working to get them moved to the Christian orphanage.  Please pray with us about this situation!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month internationally.  Teresa is involved in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Network here in Swaziland.  One of the King’s wives has shown an interest in coming to the Breast Cancer walk at the end of the month and Teresa will be visiting the Royal Palace today (10/08/13) to meet her and to discuss her presence at the walk.  This is a great honor and we ask that you please pray that it goes well and for an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with her!  Her presence in a public place has many complications and certain protocols must be followed which makes it difficult to navigate, so please pray for wisdom.

A dear friend of the Ministry needs your prayers.

Cheri McDaniel was very instrumental in getting us the funding through Rotary for the new van and setting up the donor advised fund for the property through Rotary.  Included here is an email from Cheri:  Dr Leo said I have colon cancer and the biopsy confirmed. Though the cat scan showed no signs of having spread to other body parts, the surgery will be what doctors call the "gold" test. My first hurdle is successfully going through surgery after being off blood thinners for a week, something my Cardiologist hoped I would never have to do. This makes a greater risk of heart attack or stroke which I have never had, thankfully. Then I will be a candidate to face necessary steps thereafter.  Dr Louis Barfield asked that as many as possible pray for him during this time.  Apparently I have a Christian surgeon!  Cheri’s surgery is tomorrow the 9th of October.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for Cheri McDaniel, her doctor, surgery and recovery.
  2. Pray for children that are in abusive situations.
  3. Pray for funding for the needed building renovation and ongoing maintenance.
  4. Praise God that the IRS 501c3 status has been granted.
We also need prayers for wisdom and strength as we move forward with expanding CHIPS and working with this grant, hiring new employees and many other challenges.  It has been very busy and stressful so please pray for health, peace and rest in the midst of all the changes and expansion.  These are all good things and we are very grateful that the Lord has blessed us with this grant and we want to do this with excellence!

Anna, who has been with us since we have been in Swaziland, is part of our family and we love her.  She has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer and she is on the waiting list for the government to send her to South Africa for radiation and chemotherapy, which are presently not available in the country.  We don’t know how long this will take since the government is having difficulty paying the bills to South Africa.  They will not take additional patients until they receive payment.  The treatment in South Africa is very expensive so we can’t afford to send her for treatment ourselves and she has no medical aide.  We are praying for the Lord to heal her and/or to provide a way for her to receive treatment.

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