Friday, February 28, 2014

Sewing Bible Study

Sewing Bible Study
Teresa has started a Bible study with our ladies that are in the sewing program.  It is going well, one of them broke down crying in the middle of one of the recent Bible studies.  She said that she does want to follow Jesus, but it is so hard with her life circumstances.  She accepted Jesus into her heart and wants to do what is right but it is very difficult with a husband that gets drunk and beats her.  Some of her livelihood is brewing marula beer to sell to the neighbors as they try to do anything that they can to make money.  Hence why we are trying to get them to do the sewing instead.  This past week she broke down when she was asking for prayer that her eldest son who is working will come and get her and take her to their homestead and take care of her.  She is HIV positive, receiving her care with CHIPS.  She also asked for prayer for strength because she doesn't feel like God is with her or hears her when she prays.  Teresa: as I was encouraging her to read her Bible and claim the promises that are in God's word, one of the other ladies leaned over and said, she can't read her Bible because she doesn't know how to read.  At that point I felt really stupid and thought wow, that is really hard!  I told the ladies that can read to please read the Bible to her and encourage her in the Lord.  That made me think, boy I don't have any problems in comparison.  We really need an adult reading program as well for these ladies.

Other Requests
  • a 1000L fuel trailer (the van that Rotary donated requires low sulfur diesel which is only available an hour away from our office)
  • ongoing CHIPS operating expenses (for expenses beyond the scope of the USAID grant and to meet our obligation for 10% of the total grant funding)
  • start up expenses for the economic development projects (marula oil, nuts and fire logs and crawfish production)
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