Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Prayer and Specific Need Requests

  • Pray for the CHIPS staff: to be a light and a true witness to Christ's compassion to the poor and helpless
  • a 1000L fuel trailer (the van that Rotary donated requires low sulfur diesel which is only available an hour away from our office)
  • ongoing CHIPS operating expenses (for expenses beyond the scope of the USAID grant and to meet our obligation for 10% of the total grant funding)
  • start up expenses for the economic development projects (marula oil, nuts and fire logs and crawfish production)

Swazi Crawfish

Swazi crawfish boil!
Even though the temperature has dropped, we are still getting 20kg a week from Vuvulane (the crocodile proof traps are working!).  While we are enjoying eating them and introducing them to Swazi's, South Africans, and Portuguese alike, the real goal is to develop an export market.  Please help us pray about the next steps for this.  The proceeds are dedicated to the CHIPS program:  to ensure sustainability for the long term.

Partner Rewards Bonus Day - July 16th ONLY

If you were considering making a donation this month: donations made through are matched today July 16th while funds last.

Visiting Resident

Phoenix Children's Hospital
We have a visiting Resident from Phoenix Children’s Hospital for the next few weeks working with our staff.  Tsan is doing a Global Health rotation and is attached to our CHIPS program here in Swaziland for the month of July.  She spent her first week at Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative in Mbabane.  She was able to shadow doctors there and gain pediatric HIV experience.  The next two weeks will be spent in Vuvulane with the Kudvumisa/CHIPS outreach team doing community HIV care and treatment with emphasis on children and adolescents.  She will be sharing her expertise with our nurse and HTC counselors as well as learning from them.  We are excited to have her working with us for these next few weeks!
Tsan was born in Taiwan and
went to medical school in North Carolina.  Her family lives in Washington.   She is very interested in pediatric HIV and wishes to further her experience and knowledge so she can use it in her practice back in the States.