Monday, August 04, 2014

Lexington Leadership Foundation

We saw God doing many great things a week ago when we had the ministry team from Lexington Leadership Foundation, led by Miles Phelps.  This was a group of people who love the Lord and operate in the gifts of the Spirit.  They are a mixture of pastors, teachers, and nurses, all operating in the role of Evangelists, ministering the Love of Christ to hurting people.  Many came to know the Lord, many were healed, delivered from bondage of evil and oppression.  We actually saw the picture of Christ through Miles and the woman at the well.  He spoke to a lady about giving or selling herself to many men and he told her go and sin no more.  She accepted Christ and he told her how valuable she is in God’s eyes.  Many others were prayed for emotional hurts.  I watched as Rodney spoke to so many women of the hurts of their past and saw the tears roll down their faces as the Lord set them free from those hurts.  Michelle and Peggy prayed for one lady that had pneumonia.  As we prayed the fever broke, she was very sick and was sleeping when we left.  The next week Chips took her to GSH and she was admitted and treated and is now recovering.  One man that was prayed for by Alvin couldn’t lift his arms and by the time he was finished praying he was raising his arms in the air praising God!  There was one man that had been bound to a wheel chair for years.  God spoke to Miles to help him up out of the wheelchair and he took a few steps!  We prayed for a lady with severe Asthma and as we prayed we could hear her breathing improving.
 The team spoke to our CHIPS staff several mornings on integrity, forgiveness, offense, courage and pride.  We all learned a lot and were so encouraged!  They also spoke words of knowledge and prophesy over us, our ministry, as well as our staff.  God is so good to bless us with these ministers, pastors, teachers to encourage and strengthen us in Him!

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