Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MoM Clinic Outcomes

George is a 16 year old boy who lives in Maphiveni. When the doctors visited in April, he had just gotten out of the hospital. He had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. He had collapsed the week before at school and been rushed to the hospital, unconscious. He was living with his old grandma (gogo), who has difficulty caring for him. Some of the members of the medical team from the States gave Pastor LaSalette some money to take him back to the hospital to get his blood sugar under control. When we checked it at the clinic, it was still very high, even though he was on insulin.

I went back to Maphiveni and checked on George a couple of weeks after the medical clinics. He is now living in a room at Pastor LaSalette’s church. He is being taken care of by Abraham, who also lives and works there at the church. He is trying to cook healthy meals for George and make sure he checks his blood sugar twice a day and takes his insulin. Pastor bought a blood glucose machine for him to check his blood sugar. George looks and feels so much better these days.

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